AUTh has participated at the 9th International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics, Grand Metropark Universal Dinosaur Town Hotel in Changzhou, China, September 25-28, 2018. Dr. A. Laskarakis presented an oral presentation with title: Intelligent Nanomanufacturing of Flexible Organic Electronic Devices: Towards the Industry 4.0 to the high number of participants to the ICFPE2018, which include representatives from Universities from China, Korea, Japan, Singapore, as well as from other Asian countries. Furthermore, the majority of the participants to the event came from the Industrial communities of China, which exhibited strong interest to the activities of SmartLine. Dr. A. Laskarakis had several discussions with these representatives and exchanged views and prospects about the implementation of in-line metrology and control tools for manufacturing of a huge variety of novel thin films and products by solution-based processes in sheet-to-sheet and roll-to-roll configurations. These views are expected to strongly benefit the SmartLine project since they will provide new ideas on how to implement and integrate metrology tools for the quality control of various materials in different manufacturing configurations.

Moreover, Dr. A. Laskarakis has discussed with representatives from the Industrial Association for Organic Electronics of China (IAPE), and the Korean Association of Organic & Printed Electronics (KOPEA) and strengthen the links between these associations with the LTFN and opened the way for future collaborations with the SmartLine partners. Another benefit of this participation/presentation to ICFPE2018 was the commitment of the Asian colleagues to participate to the events to be organized by the SmartLine project to network directly with the partners and establish bilateral industrial collaborations.

Finally, in this event, Dr. A. Laskarakis met with representatives from OE-Association and discussed future activities in the fields of Organic & Printed Electronics.

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SmartLine has organized the 9th Workshop – Flexible & Printed Electronics Industry: Targeting the Digital Transformation that took place at Athens, Greece at 22 October 2018.

The Workshop brought together Top-class Scientists, Engineers, Key Industrial Players, End-Users, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Policy Makers and Representatives from the National and EU Authorities to discuss, network and establish the Strategy and Policy for boosting the rapidly evolving Flexible & Printed Electronics multi-Billion Industry in Green Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, Smart Buildings, Greenhouses, Intelligent Packaging, Wearables, IoT, etc. and its role in the Digital Transformation of the Industry.

Topics discussed include:

  • The Flexible & Printed Electronics Sector and Activities
  • Manufacturing and Processes of Flexible Organic & Printed Electronics
  • Printed Organic Electronics and Automation in Factories of the Future
  • Tools for the Digital Transformation of the Industry
  • Energy and Lighting for Smart Buildings, Automotive, Greenhouses, Healthcare, etc.
  • Sensors, Biosensors in Electronics, Smart Textiles, Wearables, Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Intelligent and Smart Packaging
  • Clusters and Associations in Flexible & Printed Electronics Worldwide
  • Flexible & Printed Electronics Entrepreneurial activities
  • Funding & Commercialization Opportunities

The Workshop brought together more than 50 companies, 20 universities and 120 top Stakeholders from Greece and from abroad (Spain, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg) representing a wide range of fields to which Flexible and Printed Electronics provide added value and ground-breaking applications, i.e. Energy, Lighting, Electronics, the Automotive Industry and Transports, Intelligent Packaging, Smart Textiles, Healthcare, Sensors and Biosensors, Wearables and IoT.

During this event, the SmartLine partners have discussed with significant number of representatives from industries and SMEs about the activities of the project and planned future collaborative activities in order to enable the adoption of the project innovations in the field of closed-loop manufacturing of advanced materials for applications in OEs as well as for other consumer applications.

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Workshop's Poster

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Download the workshop's poster from here and workshop's agenda from here.

Here are some of the event's highlights. To see more visit the 9th Workshop's webpage.

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The partners have been involved for the organization of the NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018 multi-event that took place at Thessaloniki, Greece at 30 June-7 July 2018. The SmartLine Project Coordinator (AUTh) is the organizer of these event since 2003 (where it started as an International Workshop on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies) and which currently has been expanded as the largest technology, networking and matchmaking annual event in Europe with more than 800 participants every year from more than 60 countries. As it has been described in detail in the SmartLine Description of Action (DoA) the NANOTEXNOLOGY event will be the main vehicle for the dissemination and exploitation of the project results.

NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018 included the premier and internationally established events:

In addition, in NANOTEXNOLOGY 2018 the following Special Workshops have been organized:

The Workshop on Organic and Large Area Electronic (OLAE) Materials will reveal, discuss and contribute to solve the fundamental issues on the synthesis and thin film fabrication of novel organic semiconductors (as conjugated polymers, evaporated small molecules or solution processed small molecules) and electrode materials, efficient charge transfer mechanisms, optimization & control of morphology.

Workshop Topics:

  • Printable nanomaterials for Organic Electronics
  • Polymer Organic Semiconductors
  • Conjugated polymers, copolymers, oligomers
  • Non-fullerene acceptors
  • Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors
  • Novel organic/inorganic and hybrid materials
  • Fullerenes, and Carbon Nanotubes in Organic Electronics
  • Transparent Electrodes (organic, printable, inorganic, oxides)
  • Non-transparent Electrodes & dielectrics
  • Barrier Materials and Encapsulation Methods
  • Organic-hybrid interfaces: characterization and application
  • Synthesis & functionalization of OE nanomaterials

Workshop International Organizing Committee
Prof. Ravi Silva, University of Surrey, UK
Prof. Georges Hadziioannou, LCPO, University of Bordeaux 1, Bordeaux, France
Prof. Sabine Ludwigs, University of Stuttgart, IPOC - Functional Polymers, Germany
Prof. Ioannis Kallitsis, Department of Chemistry, University of Patras, Greece
Dr. Sabine Amberg-Schwab, Fraunhofer-Institute for Silicate Research ISC, Germany
Dr. Argiris Laskarakis, LTFN, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

You can find more information here.

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The Workshop on OPVs and Perovskites PVs will reveal, discuss and contribute to solving of all aspects covering the synthesis, thin film fabrication of new organic semiconductor (conjugated polymers, evaporated small molecules or solution processed small molecules) and electrode materials, efficient charge transfer mechanisms, optimization & control of blend morphology, device architectures, lifetime and stability, and mass manufacturing.

The OPVs and Perovskite PVs Workshop topics include:

  • Polymer & Small Molecule Organic Semiconductors
  • Organic/inorganic and hybrid materials and systems
  • Perovskite PVs
  • Perovskite Materials & Novel Device Concepts
  • Perovskite Fabrication techniques (Vacuum, Printing)
  • Synthesis of novel nanomaterials for OPVs
  • Novel device architectures (e.g. single, tandem)
  • Morphology & Interfaces characterization and control
  • Influence of nano-morphology on device physics
  • Device Stability & Lifetime
  • Plasmonic OPVs
  • Charge transport and microstructure relationships
  • Device Modelling, Simulations & Computational Methods
  • High efficiency approaches in vacuum and printing technologies
  • Novel fabrication by lab- and large area processes (e.g. Printing, Vacuum, Patterning)
  • Thin film monitoring and optimization of processes
  • Large Scale Manufacturing & Applications

Workshop International Organizing Committee
Prof. Gerrit Boschloo, Department of Chemistry, Uppsala Univeristy, Sweden
Dr. Konstantinos Fostiropoulos, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany
Dr. Markus Schraber, Linz Institute for Organic Solar Cells, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria
Prof. Vladimir Dyakonov, University of Würzburg, Germany
Dr. Bertrand Fillon, IPC, France
Dr. Jörg Ackermann, Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille (CINaM), France

You can find more information here.

opvs ws isfoe18 01  opvs ws isfoe18 02

This Workshop focuses on the cutting edge advances on 3D Printing, 3D Bioprinting, Digital and Additive Manufacturing approaches for Flexible Organic and Printed Electronics, Healthcare, Wearables, Automotive, etc. and for the fabrication of novel nanomaterials in advanced device architectures.


  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Printing, Materials, Functionalities and Architectures
  • 2D to 3D Printing (inkjet, screen, gravure, etc.)
  • 3D Bioprinting (Structure, size, mechanical properties, etc.)
  • Cell Printing Technologies (Ink-jet, Hydrogel, Laser assisted, etc) and Cell Survival issues
  • Bioinks
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Roll-to-roll printing processes
  • Ultra Fast Pulsed Laser processing in materials and OEs (OLED, OPV, OTFTs, RFID), batteries, sensors, healthcare, smart textiles, etc)
  • Ultra Fast Pulsed Laser nanoprocessing (metallic films, nanoparticles, nanowires, CNT, graphene, quantum dots, etc)
  • Ultra Fast Pulsed Lasers in photonics & electronics (packaging, optical interconnects, waveguides in stretchable materials, light management layers)
  • Ultra Fast Pulsed Laser tools integration (R2R, large area scanning, registration, diagnostics, hybrid laser, printing)
  • Laser two photon polymerization and Laser sintering
  • Digital Manufacturing and Nanomanufacturing
  • Processes, Manufacturing & Applications
  • Gas Transport Processes (OVPD, PVPD, CVD)
  • Vacuum Processes (Evaporation, sputtering, etc.)
  • Pilot Lines for Manufacturing of Organic Electronics, Healthcare, Bioprinting
  • In-Line Metrology for Characterization and Process Control
  • Thin Film Metrology and Optimization of Processes

Workshop International Organizing Committee
Prof. Zheng Cui, Printable Electronics Research Center, Suzhou Institute of Nanotech, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Reinhard R. Baumann, TU Chemnitz, Germany
Dr. Peter Baumann, Apeva, Germany
Prof. Emmanuel Giannelis, Cornell University, USA
Dr. Jacques Kools, Encapsulix, France
Dr. Nello Li Pira, C.R.F. S.C.p.A, Italy
Prof. Stergios Logothetidis, Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, AUTh, Greece
Prof. Yiannis Misirlis, University of Patras, Greece
Prof. Aylin Sendemir-Urkmez, Ege University, Turkey

You can find more information here

i3d18 01  i3d18 02

The topic of this Joint Workshop is to promote networking, twinning, joint ventures and business between members of HOPE-A and IAPE and their associated partners in order to foster the creation of partnerships, B2B and collaborations through bi-lateral and/or under EU H2020 programmes between Greece and China.

This Joint Workshop will present the current state of technology and entrepreneurial activities of the HOPE-A and IAPE partners in Greece and China on Organic and Printed Electronics nano-materials, devices (OPVs, OLEDs, OTFTs, sensors, etc.), equipment, precision metrology tools, manufacturing processes, integrated systems and products, and applications in Energy, Lighting, Electronics, Automotive, Healthcare, 3D printing, Wearables, Internet of Things, to name but a few.

You can find more information here.

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OET has participated at the NANOTEXNOLOGY EXPO 2018, 2-6 July to promote its activities within the SmartLine project.

nanotexnology expo2018 01  nanotexnology expo2018 02

AUTh has participated at the NANOTEXNOLOGY EXPO 2018, 2-6 July to promote its activities within the SmartLine project.

auth nanotexnologyexpo2018

OET has participated to the Intersolar Europe 2018 that took place at 20-22 June 2018 at Munich, Germany with an exhibition booth to disseminate its results on In-Line Metrology for OE devices manufacturing.

intersolar eu 2018

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Project Information

call: H2020-FOF-08-2017

type of action: Innovation action

grant agreement no: 768707

acronym: SmartLine

title: Smart In-line metrology and control for boosting the yield and quality of high-volume manufacturing of Organic electronics

topic: In-line measurement and control for micro/nano-enabled high-volume manufacturing for enhanced reliability

duration: 39 months

starting date: 1 Sep 2017

This project has received funding from the European Union's HORIZON 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 768707.   eu flag